Stanlux Silver

Non-leafing and high performance aluminium pigments covered by oleic acid with paticles in lamellar or lenticular shape, the last one refers to grades of SD 7xxx series and they are recognized as "silver dollar". The Stanlux Silver grades are used in paint formulations that require high metallic effect, mainly for automotive applications like original, refinish, auto-parts and plastic coatings. Narrow particles size distribuition curves are typical for these products, and this characteristic offers interesting and diversified metallic effects based on granulometry of each product and each series. As the Stanlux Silver grades have non-leafing orientation, besides the tradicional silver colour, they can generete infinity possibilities of metallic colours when combined with high transparency pigments.

Grade Solids
(% ± 2%)
Average Size*
> 325 Mesh
% Max.
3901 6560.1WS/HA

Extra fine grade specially recommended for internalcan coating.